Home2Home Transition Services, LLC

Customized Move Management Services

In Waukesha, Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin

Are You or a Loved One Downsizing and/or Moving to a Senior Community?

When you hire Home2Home Transition Services to coordinate your move, you may choose from the following list of services or you may request a service specific to your situation.

  • Develop an overall move plan and prioritize the “To-Do” list
  • Schedule moving company services
  • Design a customized floor plan for the new residence
  • Help choose furniture that will fit smoothly into your new home
  • Sort and organize belongings into Keep, Sell, Donate, Give, Trash
  • Assist in the selection of belongings to be moved to new home
  • Coordinate moving day
  • Arrange for profitable sale of unwanted items
  • Arrange shipment of items to family and friends
  • Arrange transfer of items to be donated
  • Arrange disposal of trash, including hazardous waste
  • Arrange other professional services such as cleaning, lawn maintenance, etc.
  • Address changes for catalogs, magazines & newspapers
  • Unpack and organize belongings in closets, cupboards--your entire new home!

Are you planning to move someday, but not now?

We can suggest many ways you can make that eventual move easier, including finding new homes for treasures and other belongings you no longer need.

Have you recently moved?

We can help you:

  • finish unpacking,
  • organize your new closets, cupboards and drawers,
  • offer suggestions for furniture placement, accessorizing, paint colors, etc.,
  • sell or give away extra belongings, and/or
  • shop for things you need to make your new place your home.

Maybe you don’t have as much wall or shelf space for your treasured photographs. We can suggest creative ways to display and preserve those photos so you can continue to enjoy them, and perhaps most importantly, pass them on to your family.

You can hire us to provide as few or as many services as your needs dictate.

And, of course, you can change your mind! As the project progresses you may decide you need more help, or you may find you or your family are able to do more than you anticipated.

Cost of Services

Home2Home Transition Services, LLC will provide as many or as few services as the individual client needs and requests, and the client may modify those requests at any time as the job progresses.

Each move is different and the needs of each Client are evaluated on an individual basis. The hourly rate of our services will be discussed with the client and will be written into their contract.

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